Mr. Poullas Director of Advance Spinal Care Clinic has participated in numerous scientific conferences for transmission of scientific knowledge and innovation in invasive surgical spine.


  • Investigation of the Pathology (stenosis) of the lumbar spinal foramen
    International Congress of Neurosurgery, Sydney Australia, 2001
  • Investigation of the pathology (stenosis) of the lumbar Spinal foramen
    World Congress ITTS ALBI (France 2007)
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal of THMSS escorted myelopathy (International Neuroscience conference Greeks, CHANIA - CRETE, 2-5 September 1992).

  • The Laser beams in Neuro-oncology. The LASER in Surgery and Oncology, Athens 14 to 16 December 1989.

  • Intrathecal administration of opioids. 2nd International and Hellenic Conference on pain control and palliative care, Athens 1999

  • "Study of degenerative pathology (stenosis) of the intervertebral foramen"
    (National Conference orthopedics, Samos 2004)
  • "Epidural corticosteroid injection and thermal damage (radiofrequency lesioning) as a therapeutic option for diseases of the spine."
    Paper presented at the 19th National Neurosurgical Congress, 2005
  • "Endoscopic restoration obstructive hydrocephalus"
    (43rd National Paediatric Conference, 17-19 June, 2005)
  • "Diagnostic and therapeutic value of episkliridografias, rizitidografias and episkliridoskopisis in syndrome after a failed surgery on the spine."
    (16th National Congress of Anaesthesiology, Mykonos, 11-15 May 2005)
  • "Episkliridoskopisi: A minimally invasive method for the diagnosis and treatment of lumbar degenerative diseases"
    Paper presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Spine "N.Giannestras - P.Smyrnis" 2006.
  • "Diagnosis and treatment of degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine with Episkliridoskopisi".
    Poster at the 20th Hellenic Neurosurgical Congress, 2006.
  • Algorithm Interventional techniques in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine how and when.
    World Pain Congress Chania 2006.
  • Degenerative pathology of the intervertebral disc of the lumbar spine.
    World Pain Congress Chania 2006.
  • Persistent Back Pain
    Workshop algologias Hippocratic Hospital (Athens 2007)
    (Award winning work of the conference).
  • Minimal Invasive Surgical methods for disc and foraminal Spinal Stenosis.
    World Chiropractic Congress (Brussels 2008)
  • Therapeutic algorithm in the Surgical management of low back pain with or with out Sciatica.
    World Chiropractic Congress (Brussels 2008)
  • Minimal Invasive Surgical methods for foraminal Spinal Stenosis.
    Panalvaniko Congress Neurosurgery (Tirana 2008)
  • Therapeutic Algorithm in the Surgical management of degenerative disc pathology.
    Panalvaniko Congress Neurosurgery (Tirana 2008)
  • Cervical Endoscopic discectomy
    Panalvaniko Congress Neurosurgery (Tirana 2008)
  • Endoscopic Spinal Surgery for degenerative diseases.
    Panroumaniko Neurosurgery conference with global participation (Sibiu 2009).